Volleyball: Rules and Regulations

Vertical Jump for Basketball Players
Vertical Jump for Basketball Players

In a volleyball game, players would work together in order to return the ball over the bet within three hits or fewer having not to let the touch the ground. In connection to that, there are standard rules for competitive volleyball for men and women that must also be followed. Some of those would include the following:

Volleyball: Rules and Regulations

Vertical Jump for Basketball Players

Vertical Jump for Basketball Players


Volleyball court measures 59 feet long and 29.6 feet wide based on the standard rule. The center line would run under the net as it divides the court in two equal sides. The attack line would be 9 feet and 10 inches behind the net on every side of the court. The attack line would be the one to divide the back and front zones.


Both of the teams should have six players into the court in order to start the play. Players should follow the proper rotational order within every set. Players are to rotate within six positions into the court including the three back-row positions after the attack line as well as the three-front row positions in front of the attack line. Every time a team would gain the right to serve the players should rotate one position clockwise. If the server contacts the ball, players could move out the rotational positions in order to play a point. Players within the back row positions should not attack the ball above the net and right in front of the attack line.


Team captains would complete a coin toss prior to the game in order to determine the team that would first serve. The player into the back right position into the rotation would serve the ball. In order to serve, players should stand behind the end line of the court and then hit the ball out of the air. Once the serve hits the net or once it lands out of bounds the team serving would lose a point. The same player would continue to serve up until the team loses a point. Once the team loses a point on the serve, the other team would gain the right to serve.


Teams should return the ball over the net within or fewer to three hits. Blocks wouldn’t be counted toward the hit total of the team. Once a certain player hits the ball twice within succession or illegally contacts the ball through throwing, catching or palming the team would lose a point. Once the back-row players attack the ball illegally the team would also lose a point. Once any player touches the net posts or the net the team will also lose a point. Teams would win points once the opposing team commits certain violation, lets the ball touch the ground inbounds, fails to return the ball over the net or hits the ball to the net or out of bounds as well.


Teams could win a point into their own serve and also into the serve of the opponent. The first team that reaches 25 points wins the set and the team that wins three sets would win the match. Once the match goes to fifth set or the tiebreaker set then the first team who reaches 15 points will win the match.

Indeed, volleyball is an exciting sport to consider but also make sure to follow the rules and regulations in order to have the best game. Everyone engaging in volleyball should be equipped with the basic rules and regulations, not just the players but also the coaches. If you love playing volleyball then you must also embrace its rules and regulations.

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