Types of Sports Betting Explained

Types of Sports Betting Explained
Types of Sports Betting Explained

Types of Sports Betting Explained on the reason that there are different types of sports betting. Most people think that they can bet on a particular team. However, there are many other types of bet which have better chances of winning. As a beginner, you should try to stick with only simple wagers. However, you must have some information about others too. All of them, including the complicated ones, are easy to understand. Most people start using them after a bit of experience. People use different terms for these bets in the different countries.

Types of Sports Betting Explained

Types of Sports Betting Explained

Types of Sports Betting Explained

Some Types of Sports Betting:

  1. Money line Bets or Win Bets

You can use it in most of the sports in Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. For instance, you are watching a football match and you are sure that a particular team will win the match. You can place this bet for the team you think will win.

  1. Over/Under Bets or Total Bets

The bookmaker sets a number for the total score or points for the match. You have to predict the total score of both the teams will be more or less than that number. For instance, the bookmaker set 40 as total points which will score in the match. You wagered over that number. Then, when the score reaches 41 or more score, you will have chances of winning.

  1. Handicap Betting and Point Spread

The bookmaker is the one who is making the adjustments in the points or goals scored. This is particularly done betting purposes. For instance, in a basketball match between team A and team B, you gave three points to team A and deducted three points from team B. Now if team B win by more than 3 points or if team A win the game you will win the bet. You will also win if team A lost the game by less than 3 points.

  1. Futures and Outright Bets

You can place this bet in a tournament, league or competition. For instance, in the beginning of the NFL season, you better on Super Bowl’s winner.

  1. Proposition Bets and Specials

These are special bets where you don’t have to pick any winner of the game. Usually, your bets don’t show or relate with the result or winner of the sports event. There is a plethora of different bets of this type. For instance, during the match, you bet on a team or player who will score first. You can also bet the time when the team makes their first goal. The bettors can also bet on the number of 3-pointers which will score in a basketball match. There are many other examples as well.

  1. Parlays and Accumulators

In this types of a wager, payouts are usually higher as it is difficult You need to make multiple selections in a single bet. For instance, you choose winners of 5 different basketball matches. Although it is simple to understand, it is not easy. You have to make all the correct answer consistently to win the wager.

  1. Teasers and Pleasers

It is a kind of parlays with added difficulties. As a novice, you should avoid it until you gain some experience and confidence to make right decisions consistently. These type of bets also offer higher payouts.

  1. If Bets

In the if bet, you have to make multiple bets on a single bet, however, your second is only active when the first one was successfully won. It is in a way safer than parlay as it is less risky.

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