Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event

Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event
Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event

Want to know the best exercise routine, which will condition your body? Here are some of them: Start this through lying flat back where your legs are straight. Place your both hands right under your coccyx bone. When you are already performing this in the bench, you should put both of your hand over and behind your head. Legs straight, feet together, contract your own abdominal muscles as well as lift up your legs. Lower your legs into the floor. Then, tap now the floor with you heels and then repeat this again.

Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event

Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event

Top Exercises to make you prepared for your next Sports Event

Split Pushups

Do the push up position. Jump quickly both of your feet in and out while you maintain the stability of your body. Then bend down your arms and torso right on the floor so you can create a 90-degree angle. Start pushing through the chest and be able to extend your arms. Repeat this.

Toe Touches

Lie and extend your arms above your head and lay your legs straight. Start drawing your belly button. Then brings your arms down to your feet. Tightly squeeze in prior on extending your torso.

Raised Leg Sit Ups with Twist

Lie flat on flat bench. Bend elbows and keep them behind earlobes. Draw your belly button. Little by little, release left hand and then extend slowly forward. Sit up simultaneously while twisting on the right side. Untwist your body slowly and at the same time, release your torso. Then do this again on your right hand.

Bench Hops

Set yourself on the left side of your bench and then put your hands flatly right in the top part of your bench while your fingers is facing outwards. By that, you should now transfer your weight into your abdominal muscles and into your both hands. Jump back right away over on the left side of the bench and repeat it accordingly.

Overhead Press

To perform this exercise, you must stand while your feet are set apart and you knees are soft.  Hold your dumbbells while your arms are in the so-called goal post position. Here, your elbows are open right on both sides at shoulder level. After that, you must brace your abs to spine and then extend your arm overhead straight. Lower your elbow little by little, so you could return from the start. You must repeat it 20 times.

Triceps Chop

Stand while your feet are wide apart. Make your knees soft and then hold your dumbbell through your hands, right on the front of your hips. Brings your arms overhead and then engage your abs. Make a stop with your arms on front of your head slightly.


Stand still and hold a skipping rope handle with one on the right hand and the other one on the left side. After that, swing up the rope as well as over your head by small rotations and at the same time, jump upward. Do this again.

Double Bench Jumps

Put a flat bench on the either side of you. Then stand up right on the benches as well as squat down. Prior on propelling up your body stand between these benches and be able to assume squat position. Adjust your legs. When you are already done with squat jump back or step down on your floor and do this again.

Bench Jumps

Put a bench horizontally and directly right in front of you. Take a big step backward. Face the bench and stand your feet

Cable Kickbacks

It is one of the exercise that will get rid the cellulite in your thighs and butts. It is being performed through ankle straps as well as cable machines. The first thing to do is fasten the ankle straps exactly at you lower leg then immediately clip it to the machine adjusting the setting into low. Now you need to face the stack of the weight. Just keep your legs straight, you push back your legs and then lift it by the contraction of the hamstrings. Then in a slow manner, lower your leg. Do this 10 to 12 times again.

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