The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting

The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting
The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting

The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting, Football betting is becoming even more popular around the world and more people are participating in it especially in online way like using the The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. But the risks are still high and most of the people are losing thousands. This is where the football betting tips come in handy to lower the risks.

The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting

Terminologies used in football betting:

  1. Stake – This is the money that used to bet that one loses if he /she loses the bet.
  2. Punter – This is the term used to refer to a person who is betting.
  3. Bookmaker – It’s the organization undertaking the business of football betting.
The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting

The Ultimate Guide for Football Betting

Types of football bets:

  1. Accumulating Bet

This is a type of football bet on multi-games. It’s compulsory that all your predictions for the different games be correct. It’s very risky but should you win it’s very rewarding.

  1. Double bet

It’s very similar to the accumulating bet. Only in this type, the bookmaker requires one to bet on two football games.

  1. Score betting

A person bets on the footballer who scores the first goal and the number of goals by each team. Many amateurs bet on this which is very risky. This is why reading the guide to football betting is very important to help you to know how to bet wisely.

  1. Wincast Bet

It’s less like score bet but the difference is that here the punter doesn’t give the number specific number of goals score by the team

  1. Banker

Most guides to football betting would recommend a punter to bet on this type. One can wager on either the singles or even the accumulator with odds of 1.4 or less.

  1. Handicap bet

It’s common when one of the football teams playing is a favorite. It’s divided into the Asian and the European handicap. Asian handicap is better since if there is a draw in the football match the stake is usually refunded.

Tips for wise football betting:

  1. Use the mind to bet

Do not put in emotions instead bet on the football team that likely not wins and not on your favorite team.

  1. Consult

It important to read the guides on the best types of a bet to bet on. This can help you to significantly cut the risk involved in betting.

  1. Budget

Be aware of the amount of stake you can afford. Do not be impulsive and greedy. Budget beforehand the amount to spend that should you lose it would not heavily affect you.

  1. Be selective

Don’t jump to any bet. Football betting requires one to carefully analyze different odds before betting. This will increase your chances of winning the bet.

  1. Bet online

This gives you a larger pool to choose from. This allows you to choose and go to a football bookmaker that has a better deal.

  1. Check and understand the odds and lines offered

Different football betting sites offer different odds which with time makes difference. Earning a few more dollars is worth it. So it’s wise to compare the odds offered before settling for a site.

  1. Keep record

It’s important to jot down how much you bet, the type of bet you participated in and the odds that were there. It’s also important to note down the wins and losses you incurred. This will help to decide on the wager next time.

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