The Best Sports Exercises

The Best Sports Exercises
The Best Sports Exercises

Stand up while your feet are wide apart prior on bending your knees and hips. After that lean forward your body slowly and then, kick back your own feet as you extend your arms. Return your feet on the squat position right away. Lastly, you should jump up right from the squat position.

The Best Sports Exercises

The Best Sports Exercises

The Best Sports Exercises


Start with your both feet wider than your shoulder width. Look straight and then gradually bend your knees and hips while you are making sure that your knees point on your toes. You should continue this until your legs became parallel along with the floor. You may extend your arms. Push up now yourself by means of your heels and return from your original position.


Do the push up position. As you keep your back straight and stabilize it by your abdominal muscles, you may lower your torso, bend your arms into the floor, and form 90-degree angle. Start pushing through your chest and then extend your arms.


Lie flat while you planted your heels firmly and bend your knees on the floor. Draw your belly button into your spine when you are engaging your abdominal muscles. Lift your head, shoulder blade and torso slowly.  Then roll this up right until it is closer with your legs. Release the torso down and go back on your original position.

Weighted bent leg Jackknife

Lie your back straight with the floor while you are holding your dumbbell overhead along with your both hands. Tucked in your elbows. Start engaging your abdominal muscles. Keep your feet contacted while you are bending your knees forward on your chest.  While doing that, bring up the dumbbell into your knees and little by little, lift your torso, shoulder blades off with the floor. Release your weight slowly and tightly and lie back straight.

Bosu Burpees

Squat and then position your bosu with the floor flat as it face upward. When it is already steady, you should kick backward your feet right for the push up position. Bend down as you lower your torso into bosu as it starts to form a 90-degree angle.  Jump   along with your feet into the bosu to squat position. Once you are done with that, stand as well as lift your bosu   into your chest.  Press this up overhead. Put it back with the floor and repeat the procedure.

Straight Leg Jackknife

Lie back while your hands are above on your head. Draw your belly button along with your spine. Make sure that you’re keeping your both feet together. Then contract the abdominal muscles you have or you to form 90-degree angle.  Bring your hands on your feet gradually lift your shoulder blades, head and torso on the floor.

Jump Squats

Stand still while your feet is wide apart. While you are looking straight, bend your knees and hips. Continue this until you already make your legs parallel with your floor while your back is forming between 45 to 90 degrees with the hips. When you are already in the position, you should propel up your body and extend your legs prior on going back on the squat position. Once you are landing, make sure that you are landing by means of your balls. Repeat this.

Drop Push up

Before you bend your knees and hips, you should stand straight into squat position. Slightly, lean forward your body. Kick backward your feet. Then push it by means of your chest as you start extending your arms. With that, you should transfer the body weight right with your hands and be able to jump inwards. Do the squat position and lastly, stand up.

Bent Leg Raises

Lie back straight and place hands under your coccyx bone. Draw your belly button into your spine. Keep your feet contact, bend your knees right into your knees. Lower your legs gradually and then extend them off into the floor. If you opt to perform this on the bench, you should put your hands right behind your head and then grasp the bench firmly.

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