Is it really worthwhile to concentrate only on sure or arbitrage betting only? I can assure you that this kind betting in sports gambling gives you a guaranteed profit each and every day. However, do not ever consider concentrating on sure bets betting if you do not have a large bankroll or betting money. You always have to open an account with large funds at different bookmakers and put on tremendous amounts of deposits. The mistake here is some punters think there are no traps in arbitrage bets and go on to bet without analyzing the game at hand odds can change at any time, the bookmakers sometimes impose trading limits hence you can never bet the amount that you wish to place and that sometimes the bookmakers may fail to agree on the terms of the odds they had put saying that it was a mistake.


 The mistake of looking at bookmakers odds first

Most punters look at the odds that the bookmakers have put on their books before even analyzing the game to come up with their own likely odds of the game. Looking at the bookmaker’s odds first, puts you in a clear influence of the decision and judgment you are going to make as a punter. You, therefore, have to make sure that you work out your estimated odds at first before even trying to go online and check the odds put by the bookmakers. This means that you have a clear decision on what you have found as the value of the game your odds give you, and not the bookmaker’s odds.

Tracking the movement of odds before you bet

Some punters tend to track the movement of odds in a certain match to know whether they are increasing or decreasing. This is a good strategy at first. it gives you clear-cut evidence of any changes in the games and you are likely to place your bet on a better team if you track odds movement. The latest team new strategy may force the bookmakers to change the odds. You should, however, note that odds may change due to punters betting a large amount of money on one side leading to imbalances of the cash. The bookmakers, therefore, change the odds to make sure that there is an established balance by enticing more punters to bet on the other side so as to balance their books and make sure they avoid the risk of losing too much money. if in any case you decide to bet, the calculated value of the odds should entice and give you more guts and confidence than the movement of the odds.

Greed and impatience

A very common mistake that most punters make is whereby they tend to follow some good rules but later they succumb to impatience and greed by deviating from the laid down rules and guidelines. These mistakes include doubling up the set limit of their bets and chasing their losses when they feel they are down. as a punter, you need to have a realistic plan which can only take effect if you have self-discipline and patience by making sure that money management is properly implemented considering the usual staking size and the plan. Therefore, never ever make quick risky decisions so as to meet your targets fast. be patient to wait on the best and right bets that will give you the value you really want.

In conclusion, you have to have an understanding of the unforeseeable circumstances that can happen in any game. Since learning to win is a long term process, you need to know that you can get what you want overnight unless you are very lucky.

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