PROBABILITY AND ONLINE SPORTS BETTING. By understanding probability and the bookmaker’s odds difference, Tips and Tactics of Successful Football Betting knowing the measure and the calculation of it will increase the chances of winning irrespective of the odds offered by the online sports books.


A probability measures the likelihood of any event to happen and can be quantified by numbers zero to one or percentages 0% to 100%. It applies very well in all types of betting but very likely in sports betting. The point here is that probability can be applied in sports betting when checking the bookmaker odds so as to determine which odds will offer good value and the area where you are likely to win or to lose depending on the knowledge you have on a certain sport that you are betting on.

First and foremost, it is important you know how to apply probability so as to determine the likelihood of any kind of an outcome in a sport. Sports betting tips for beginners This will help the gambler in determining whether the bet is worthwhile or not. The calculation of odds and probability is very closely linked and as a gambler, you have to know the sports books with consistent good odds so as to be able to place your bets wisely. Since an odd is the payout of any bet and the chance of an event occurring, the probability of having and increasing your chances and odds of winning a placed bet should be well calculated and analyzed.

So, how do you calculate this probability so as to place a bet that has better odds of increasing your chances of winning? This will take a lot of practice but after acquiring this skill, you will automatically be a better chance of winning consistently, and without the doubt. You need to know how to look at the past results and crunch the numbers yourself by looking at the stats and the trends so as to make the best prediction out of any game that you are willing to bet on. In other words, you ought to have knowledge of the teams and the players in the sport, their current and previous performances to make a good predictable judgment of the odds and probability.

An effective and wise probability estimate will always give you a very clear indication regarding the value of the bet you are about to place compared to the bookmaker’s odds. This is another thing you need to be keen on. The comparison should be done wisely to avoid any untimely miscalculations on the bookmaker’s odds which might lie.

The other thing you need to know is the issue of implied probability in sports betting. This type of probability will help you in a conversion of traditional odds into percentages. This gives you the impression of knowing the true odds of any game or event in sports betting making it easier to understand the bookmaker’s edge in the bet. This kind of probability can be applied in propositions and future markets and also in live betting on individual game lines. In this kind of  scenario, if you find out that your chances of winning are better than the implied probability the value of your bet is definitely good but if the vice versa happens whereby the implied probability is higher than the chance of winning than you need to keep off from that bet.

Every bet has an expected return which can also be calculated by measuring the bet value of your gamble. This is the net value of your profit which comes about when you subtract your stake from your winnings. The expected return should be very well known before placing any bet and the measures of the loss you can get if in any case, you lose your bet. Punters should be very efficient in calculating their expected value so as to know whether their placed bets are worthwhile.

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