According to Wikipedia, the lottery is a type of gambling where prizes depend on drawn lots. This includes lotteries and sweepstakes was discouraged to be implemented but other countries supported lottery numbers for it helps charities and some institutions.

Nowadays, most of the lotteries became legal to different countries and provide hopes and excitement to citizens. All you need to do is to select your desired set of numbers, pay for it and wait for draw lots. But the chances of winning the jackpot prize is truly low and will consume a lot of money to attain the lucky numbers.




But there are ways in which may increase the chances of getting the lucky draw lots number:

Create a mini lottery

I do have an uncle who created a mini lottery using marbles. These marbles do have a range of numbers written on paper which were also the same range of numbers in the lottery. So for example, PCSO, a lottery institution in the Philippines, do have lottery numbers from 1-49 which asks for 6 numbers as their bet lottery numbers. These numbers were posted on marbles and was placed in a jar. After completing the 49 numbers and placed in a jar, it will be shaken. He will get 6 numbers randomly. And that 6 numbers will be his bet lottery numbers. Else, you may use simple, plain paper as your alternative draw lots marbles.

It became effective for he already won several times because it resembles the lottery and the draw lots. You are the one who will randomly pick the numbers according to what the jar will provide.

Pick your own numbers

If you don’t want to create a mini-lottery for it is just a waste of time and money, go back to basic. Just pick a random set of numbers or if you do have some time, do some research if those numbers were a good combination.

Dream winning combination

The numbers provided by dreams were sometimes, do have a higher chance to be the winning numbers. There is some coincidence that numbers which were provided by dreams are the winning numbers which will be drawn might be today, tomorrow or any day of the week. This myth is sometimes effective for some of the testimonies of success and disappointment were already heard.

As what people believe about dreams, if an individual saw the combinations of numbers in dreams, place those numbers on your lottery bets for one week because sometimes, it takes 5 to 7 days before those numbers be drawn.

After attaining or finding a ‘good’ number combination, stick with it. Do not alter it every other day or every day. Play with them and use them consistently. Who knows, your random number combination may be the next winning combination.

And lastly, buy more tickets as long as you can. This tip might be expensive and consumes a lot of money but when the jackpot prize is at peak, this would be a better option for you to have a greater chance of winning.

Gambling games, such as lottery, takes luck for you to win the jackpot. The Lottery Game is a mysterious gambling game. It provides number randomly and undetermined. It does not follow any patterns or histories. No clues, no traces. It is just about how good you is in lucks. However, some tips like this and to other articles might be effective and may help you in some way.

Lottery truly, needs money, the good set of numbers and many tickets for greater chances of winning the luck. But the reality, patience, perseverance, determination and believing in yourself is what luck needed.

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