Four card poker

This is one of the new casino games. The game was invented by Roger Snow and it is owned by Shuffle Master. Players have three options when playing this game. They can either place an ante bet or Aces Up bet or both of them. The players are issued with 5 cards which are used in the game. The banker is also dealt with 5 cards which are always faced down and the 6th card face up. The player and the banker are then allowed to make their best 4 card hands. The banker has an advantage over the player by having an extra sixth card and thus if the player folds he will definitely have to lose his ante.

After the player has accessed his cards and have seen the sixth card the banker he got two options either to fold his ante in which he has lose the bet or he can opt to  play by betting one to three times of his ante.

The player can be given the amount of the he or she has bet basing on two circumstances; either if he or she ties up with the dealer or if he beats up the dealer. A player stands to get a bonus if he or she has three of a kind which comprises two to one for initial ante, straight flush which is from twenty to one or four of a kind which is from 25 to 1. The bonus is always paid out to the player whether the hand of the dealer is better or not but the player can still lose his ante bets.

Four card poker

Player’s hand is always in control of the Ace Up bet. If the player is possession of two aces or better then he stands a good chance of winning otherwise if this is not the case then the player will lose his bet. Payment ranges from 1 to 1 to 50 to 1 for a pair of aces and four of a kind respectively. The house edge of this game ranges from 1.98% to 6.5%.

Ranks of hands in this game

The ranking of four card poker’s hand ranges best worst. Below are the ranks of this game;

Straight flush: This is hand that consists of five cards which are in sequence and all of the cards are of relatively same suit. Aces can play two roles in the straights and straight flushes, these two roles are either high or low.

Four of a kind

This is a rank that comprises of four cards which are of the same value and any other card value (unmatched card) totaling 5 cards. In this game there are 624 possibilities of having four of a kind hand.

Full house

This hand is represented by 3 cards of the same rank and 2 cards of the same rank. During playing the game, there is a probability that 3744 of the outcomes are full houses.


This is a hand whereby all the cards that are represented here are of the same suit but they are not in the sequence. Highest card hands of two flushes are used to determine the winner by comparing their card ranking. If it happens the highest hand has the cards of the same rank then the second highest hand is used. The process continues until the difference is realized to disclose the winner.


Have five cards that are of two different suits

Three of a kind

The hand that consists of three cards of the same rank and another two cards that is neither of this rank nor the same as each other

Strategy of the game

There are two strategies used to play this game i.e perfect strategy which is a bit complex and simple strategy.

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