Football game commonly known as soccer is a team sport played by two teams of 11 players. A ball spherical ball is used in this game. This sport is the world’s favorite played by over 200 nations and 250 million players. The main objective of the game is to score a goal using the ball to the opposing side.




How is football played?

Playing Soccer game requires a rectangular field of area 7140 square meters. The dimensions of the pitch are 105 by 68 meters in length and pitch respectively with two goal posts the center of the width also known as a goal.  Eleven players are involved and only two players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands (goalkeepers). All the other players use their legs to pass the ball and strike to score goals.  The team that scores most goals by the end of the game is declared the winner by the match referee (usually 90 minutes).

This game being a competition there are very many rules that are set by world football organization FIFA. Some of the main rules are discussed below.

Field of Play

The field of play must be between 90 meters by 120 meters long (100-131 yards) and between 45 to 90 meters wide (49-98 yards). Most international games, the football pitch measurements are 100-110 meters (109-120 yards) and 64-75 meters (70-82 yards).

These areas of the football pitch must be marked: touchlines/sidelines, goal lines & goal areas, halfway line, center, penalty spot, arcs, and corner arcs. A flag post should be planted on each corner of the field.

Number of players

A football match is played by two teams of no more than eleven players each, with one player being a goalkeeper each side. The least number of players in a soccer team is seven.

A match is not started if the seven-player squad is not complete in a team. In official football competitions, only three substitutions are allowed. However, in friendly games, there can be as many as six or an unlimited substitution, depending on the referees and coach decisions.

Player’s equipment

The following soccer equipment is required of each player: a t-shirt, sports shorts, socks, shin protectors/guards, and football boots with screws. Goalkeepers from both sides should wear uniforms that are of the different color from the players in the field and the referees. Players are allowed to wear head protection gears but all forms of jewelry are not allowed in the field during the game.

Head referee

The obligations and tasks of the head referee in soccer include: ensuring that the proper strip and equipment are worn, signaling the start and end of a game, citing and punishing violations of rules, stopping play if a player requires medical attention, deciding whether the game should end, and keeping time during the game.

The referee cites fouls and violation of the rules and stops repeated mistakes by warning players with a yellow card or sending them off with a red card. Two yellow cards in football are equivalent to a red card. A player who receives a red card in football cannot be replaced.

Subordinate referees

The role of assistant referees in football or linesmen is primary to assist the main referee by indicating for set pieces such as corner kicks, throw-ins, and violations of laws such as offside law among others.

Also, they assist the center referee in case he did not see clearly and brings in discussions about the decision; however the final decision is given by the center referee.

Match duration

The length of a soccer match is 90 minutes; they are divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. The fourth official may decide whether to add minutes at the end of every half which compensates for the lost time during the game. These additional minutes are known as stoppage time and should not be confused with the extra time.

This game being the among the most favorite to most people in the world, investors has made it great by introducing modern stadiums where people pay to watch the game. This money is used to pay the player making the game a source of income to many people. Also, gambling companies have been set where you   stake money and predict the outcome of the game.

In modern countries such as Germany, Spain, and England, football is large some source of revenue through international players who are paid millions of dollars annually. Fans have their favorite teams which they follow so closely and make world interaction simple hence the growth of national unity. Football is one of the best games ever discovered in the world.

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